Cather­ine et Hervé Fardel

  • Fardel Gallery, Le Tou­quet Paris-​Plage, France


Aquar­ter of a cen­tury spent in the world of art, our lives per­me­ated by many dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties, may have left us believ­ing that a search for a new excit­ing sen­sa­tion would be in vain. This is not the case… There is always a plea­sur­able and unex­pected encounter. We dis­cov­ered Alain Godon in 1998. Our meet­ing was (and remains) pas­sion­ate, extend­ing beyond the rela­tion­ship of that of gallery and artist.

We had an artist in our midst… We had dis­cov­ered our man, a cre­ative tal­ent with prodi­gious poten­tial. A per­ma­nent and absolute trust ensued and, with that, a true involve­ment and mutual respect. Together with Alain, we have over the course of many exhi­bi­tions, stag­ing posts for our pas­sion, man­aged to keep our eyes firmly fixed on our objec­tive: to be the vehi­cle for the nar­ra­tive force of his paint­ing, kalei­do­scope of our soci­ety.
When Alain Godon cre­ated the new con­cept of the Bil­doRe­liefo in 2008, it was an invi­ta­tion to view his paint­ings afresh. Since its first global show­ing in 2009 at the Tui­leries in Paris, this new medium, with Alain Godon as its pre­cur­sor, has been on show in our gallery in Le Tou­quet and it con­tin­ues to grow in suc­cess. The process uses extremely flex­i­ble and inno­v­a­tive mate­ri­als (lim­ited edi­tion prints on alu­minium) and the Bildo is attract­ing more and more atten­tion from the pub­lic both in France and abroad. The artist gen­tly immerses us in this new style “relief” pic­ture, infus­ing his Bil­doRe­liefo with eter­nal youth.
Sketches, water colours, paint­ings, Bil­doRe­liefo and sculp­tures are all tech­niques mas­tered and expressed with such power by this “pyro­ma­niac” of colour. Alain Godon has mapped out for him­self a motor­way which is cur­rently pass­ing through towns lined with archi­tec­tural mon­u­ments: his “Urban Leg­ends” now becom­ing a real­ity. Our fam­ily has grown and Alain and his wife with it.