Eric Mourlot

  • Mour­lot Gallery, New York, USA

The World of Godon…

The work of Alain Godon is more than just the reflex­ion of our world… It’s a whole world in itself! From the side­walks of Paris to the sun baked beaches of Miami, via the crazy energy of New York’s streets… It’s a novel that Godon “writes”. And each can­vas is like a page… A true “Mov­able feast” that would make Hem­ing­way proud!

Godon is one of these artists that knows how to observe and, with great humor, tell a story… How can we not feel dis­armed before the work of such a witty and astute guy who doesn’t have one pre­ten­tious bone in his body… Of course, he makes it look easy, but the viewer is not fooled for long and under­stands quickly the years of prac­tice that goes into refin­ing such a tal­ent!
The sharp eye that Godon directs onto our world is some­times crit­i­cal, but it’s always done with love and opti­mism and never mali­cious! Alain is an artist and a philoso­pher… A man of the world… but the real world!

Eric Mour­lot

Mour­lot Gallery, New York, USA