Lora Drasner

  • Dras­ner Gallery, Aspen, Col­orado, USA

Move­ment and happy colours

Ilove hav­ing Alain’s art dis­played at my gallery in Aspen Col­orado! It’s so col­or­ful, beau­ti­ful and unique; every­one stops to stare and they always ask, “How does he do this?” The Godon tech­nique of Bil­dore­liefo is so fas­ci­nat­ing; it draws the viewer into the art. One never tires of look­ing at Bil­doRe­liefo, you always find some­thing new at every glance. Some­times it’s the kiss­ing birds, or the adorable lit­tle dog or even the fact that every­one is hold­ing hands and hav­ing fun! There is move­ment in the art, the bright col­ors are so happy! How­ever, more than any­thing, Alain can immor­talise every­thing, even Aspen’s moun­tain scenes!