Sophie Deshayes

  • Direc­tor, Museum of Le Tou­quet Paris-​Plage, France

The museum of Le Touquet

The museum of Le Tou­quet has staged many exhi­bi­tions, includ­ing Henry Moore, Jean Dubuf­fet and, last year, The Sec­ond School of Paris, and is now delighted to present “Extrav­a­ganza” — one hun­dred years, one hun­dred works of art. What bet­ter choice for the museum than Alain Godon as the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of our resort in 2012, this, the year of its centenary?

This vision­ary artist and ambas­sador of his uni­ver­sal lan­guage, an “adopted” native of Le Tou­quet, looks at the town, “his” town, through a comic and mis­chie­vous lens. With his keen sense of obser­va­tion, he humourously catches life’s every­day moments in which we delight upon recog­nis­ing our­selves.
The exhi­bi­tion “Extrav­a­ganza” with its one hun­dred or so works of art promises to be a spell­bind­ing fiesta. By dint of Alain’s joy­ful and colour­ful brush­strokes, the museum is redesign­ing itself.
This mag­nif­i­cent book, pro­duced by Emmanuel Milani and Georges Félix Cohen, is its endur­ing memento. By virtue of the texts, pho­tographs and repro­duc­tions, the book offers an astound­ing insight into the artist’s works and is a unique and last­ing tes­ta­ment to this exhi­bi­tion mark­ing the cen­te­nary of Le Tou­quet Paris-​Plage.

Sophie Deshayes

Direc­tor, Museum of Le Tou­quet Par