• Alain Godon’s meet­ings & testimonials


Tes­ti­mo­ni­als from com­pan­ions on a journey

“Friends are as com­pan­ions on a jour­ney, who ought to aid each other to per­se­vere in the road to a hap­pier life.“ These words attrib­uted to the father of phi­los­o­phy, Pythago­ras, are totally mean­ing­ful for Alain Godon who rev­els in such delight­ful encounters.

For­mer Com­mer­cial Direc­tor at the Lou­vre and of the Réu­nion des Musées Nationaux, Direc­tor of the Fes­ti­val of Le Tou­quet, France

  • Chris­t­ian Boeringer

Mr Kon­rad Co-​Founder of Art­price, Hubert Kon­rad Gallery, Paris, France

  • Hubert Konrad

Ely­sees Gallery, New York, USA

  • Robert Bartoux

Senior Vice-​President Christie’s, USA

  • Emmanuel de Chaunac

Markow­icz Gallery (Markow­icz Fine Art), Miami, USA

  • Bernard Markowicz

Pres­i­dent of Art­clair Edi­tions and Editor-​in-​chief of Jour­nal des Arts and of L’Œil, France

  • Jean-​Cristophe Castelain

Cor­bel Gallery, Luxembourg

  • Jean-​Pierre Corbel

Author, France

  • Madame Cohen

Lans­berg Gallery, Paris, France

  • Pas­cal Lansberg

Kom­pas Sun­day Edi­tor, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Bre Redana

Head cura­tor at the Matisse Museum

  • Patrice Deparpe

Direc­tor, Museum of Le Tou­quet Paris-​Plage, France

  • Sophie Deshayes

Deputy of Pas-​de-​Calais and Mayor of Le Tou­quet Paris-​Plage, France

  • Daniel Fasquelle

Dor­val Gallery, Lille, France

  • Régis Dorval

Mour­lot Gallery, New York, USA

  • Eric Mourlot

Fardel Gallery, Le Tou­quet Paris-​Plage, France

  • Cather­ine et Hervé Fardel

Dras­ner Gallery, Aspen, Col­orado, USA

  • Lora Drasner


  • Ger­ard Guyomard

Com­mu­nity worker, Direc­tor of the Fédéra­tion Nationale des Cen­tres Soci­aux, France.

  • Mon­sieur Garet


  • Claude Viallat

Mayor of Le Touquet

  • Lilyane Lussignol

Doc­tor of His­tory of Art

  • Henry Périer


  • Speedy Graphito