Pas­cal Lansberg

  • Lans­berg Gallery, Paris, France

A win­ter in Bali

When I first met Alain Godon, I was struck by his gen­eros­ity, his whacky sense of humour and his great sen­si­tiv­ity. Dur­ing my first visit to his stu­dio, I was to dis­cover these same radi­ant qual­i­ties tran­scribed lav­ishly on to his can­vases. I deter­mined to send him to an artist’s stu­dio in Bali dur­ing the win­ter, con­vinced of his abil­ity to immerse him­self in other cul­tures. I was not to be disappointed.

Alain com­pleted a series of thirty colour­ful oil paint­ings. Each work chron­i­cled its own lit­tle story, show­ing the won­der­ful peo­ple of Indone­sia from a new and fresh per­spec­tive. Over the course of time, and hav­ing shared some excep­tional moments together, we have become great friends, and I am only too pleased to have had the oppor­tu­nity to share in his love of travel. His suc­cess is not attrib­ut­able to luck but to his love of paint­ing and of paint­ing the times in which he lives.