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Testimonial of Mrs Cohen
Author, France

Testimonial of Mrs Cohen

Photo left: Samson, Robin et Alain Godon on the beach


“Like master, like dog”


I passed him,

For the first time,

At a bend in the track,

Amidst the undergrowth,

Trampling with huge strides,

Over the ground,

Covered with,

Golden brown leaves.

That now was …

A good few years ago!


“Oh what a creature!” I exclaimed to myself privately…  He cut such a dash!


A face delicately chiselled, clean lines, long neck, slender of bearing, rib cage slightly flat but a good size, elegant of stature, balanced  proportions   –  fusing together to give this individual an overall harmony.


Nut brown eyes with a lively expression, mischievous and friendly, a sudden smile that revealed strong and healthy teeth all heightened my shock at meeting such an Apollo in this neighbourhood.


We merely exchanged glances, and we each continued on our way.


After that, I would see him from afar making his way, with his characteristic style, along the banks of the Canche over by the groins; I respected his reserve and kept a cautious distance.


Then over the years, and after he had moved away from this area, I had occasion to know him better.  I discovered that behind the physique of this young lion were hidden numerous qualities: kindness, vivacity, curiosity, loyalty, capped by a resounding appetite for life… in fact, just by an appetite!  All this bestowed him with a remarkable equilibrium, both mental and physical, even though, I learned over fireside chats, that it hadn’t always been the same.


What of his deportment amongst his fellows?  He is congenial, convivial with his friends, loves endless walks in the woods or by the sea.  Sometimes he is a little overwhelming, noisily remonstrating in order to gain attention – it is his rather mulish side – but then a minute, an hour, a day later, he will make himself small, humble, quiet and attentive to others.  But… look out!  One of his looks can also give the outsider who has overstepped the mark cause to tremble.


What more can be said about him?  I could describe his rump, well-muscled, his rectangular muzzle, but that’s not what is important.


What?  But, you’ve misunderstood.  I was talking of course about Samson, the German Mastiff, the Olympic Apollo of dogs, faithful companion, lovable … just like Robin, Grisbi, Elvis and, like all those around Alain, given their freedom.


This is why the saying goes… “Like dog, like master”


If there are other character traits that can be added to the description of the human being outlined here - Mr Godon - two are incontrovertible and inseparable: his generosity and his approachability.


If we are looking for defects, then I am sorry …

I would need time to look harder ………..



Danièle Cohen

Author, France