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Testimonial of Mr Bartoux
Elysees Gallery, New York, USA

Testimonial of Mr Bartoux

Photo left: a moment of complicity between Robert Bartoux and Alain Godon


Alain Godon, my friend …


Head in the stars, living a dizzying life to the full, Alain is first and foremost a man who is grounded with his feet firmly rooted in the heathland of “our” birthplace, Berry.


Our long and true friendship has provided us with many long and delightful quality moments together, more than is common in an ordinary business relationship.


Nevertheless this “Berrichon” potato galette [a culinary speciality of Berry] was to prove to be only one step away from becoming a Fifth Avenue hot dog.


We were pleased to be able to organise with him his first big New York exhibition in our art gallery on Central Park South; an exhibition which could honestly only be described as a resounding success.


By way of his talent and the precision with which he views not only the world but also himself, Alain has managed to appeal to an American clientele.  A clientele which is quick to discern that behind the artist’s unsettling technical ability is this provoking, candid and accurate analysis of our egos, our desires and our excesses.


There is no need to embroider upon Alain Godon’s talent; the works of this great artist do but reflect a man who is both exceptional and big-hearted and for whom friendship, loyalty and sincerity are values he stands by in a life which, unbeknownst to him, has already set him on a path that will take him to greater heights.


He is the most famous “Berrichon” in France, after Jacques Cœur of course!



Robert Bartoux

Elysees Gallery, New York, USA