Alain Godon at the Dor­val Gallery

Exhi­bi­tion from 1 June to 4 July 1996

This was Alain Godon’s first ever solo exhi­bi­tion in a gallery. Régis Dor­val hosted an exhi­bi­tion of the young artist unknown to the pub­lic in a gallery more accus­tomed to exhibit­ing well known artists such as Gus­tave Singier, Georges Math­ieu and Mau­rice Estève. Alain’s works on show included “Le repas de Pan­ta­gruel”, “La galette des rois”, “Le safari”, “Jeanne d’Arc”, “La sieste”, “Le brésilien”, “Le prix à payer”, “Le grec”, “L’Hindenburg” and “La musique continue”.

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