Ret­ro­spec­tive exhi­bi­tion at the Museum of Le Tou­quet — 19 Feb­ru­ary to 18 March 2012

Alain Godon no longer feels like an orphan in Le Tou­quet. Adopted by the town, he has now become its flag­ship artist and at the begin­ning of 2012 the museum organ­ised a cheer­ful ret­ro­spec­tive exhi­bi­tion with around one hun­dred and twenty pieces of his works of art, all gen­er­ously loaned by his many col­lec­tors through­out the world.

Vidéo de l’exposition Extravaganza

“He is a child who hasn’t grown up” observed Sophie Deshayes, cura­tor of the museum. He has a naive qual­ity, which is enor­mously attrac­tive. He is able to com­mu­ni­cate to all ages and is a true liv­ing artist with a unique style. He doesn’t align him­self with the con­cep­tual artists cur­rently so prevalent.

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