Godon and noth­ing but…

  • Dated: March 2013
  • Media: Les Echos

The Milani Gallery: Godon and noth­ing but…

There will soon be a spot in Le Tou­quet entirely devoted to the artist Alain Godon. Emmanuel Milani, who over­sees the artist’s entire repro­duc­tion range, is open­ing a gallery on Easter Sun­day that is going to dis­play noth­ing but Godon orig­i­nal works of art.

The artist, who now lives in Lon­don, will have a per­ma­nent exhi­bi­tion of around fifty works of art. “There will of course be oil paint­ings, but also sculp­tures” (Godon pro­duces sought-​after archi­tec­tural sculp­tures).
The Bil­doRe­liefo tech­nique: There will also be Bil­doRe­liefo – dig­i­tally reworked works of his paint­ings, each with a dif­fer­ent colour back­ground and each, in its own right, unique.
Emmanuel Milani is pas­sion­ate about this project. “There will also be Godon’s early works, which will allow us to see how the artist has evolved since the 80s and 90s.” Every piece shown in the gallery is an orig­i­nal.
The gallery is open every week­end from Easter and every day dur­ing the sum­mer. The open­ing of the gallery is tak­ing place on Sat­ur­day, before the works are actu­ally installed. It is how­ever, for rea­sons of secu­rity, by invi­ta­tion only. Nev­er­the­less, the gallery will be open to the pub­lic on Sun­day when all can come and view Godon’s art.

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