Char­ity event – 50 artists in action against autism

  • Dated: Feb­ru­ary 2013
  • Media: Le Jour­nal des Arts

Char­ity event – 50 artists in action against autism

Artcu­r­ial is dis­trib­ut­ing 50 orig­i­nal works of art in jig­saw form in aid of the char­ity “Autistes sans fron­tières” Alain Godon, “ça glisse à Paris!”, 2013, Bil­doRe­liefo in 3D, 32x40cm, start­ing price €300, auc­tion on 6 Feb­ru­ary at Artcu­r­ial in Paris.

Paris – After pro­mot­ing autism as one of the major national char­i­ta­ble causes of 2012, can the art mar­ket give fur­ther weight to this cause in 2013? This is what the sale, to take place on 6 Feb­ru­ary and organ­ised by Artcu­r­ial for the ben­e­fit of “Autistes sans fron­tières”, aims to achieve. […] Sit­ting along­side the up-​and-​coming gen­er­a­tion are artists with estab­lished rep­u­ta­tions: Gérard Garouste, Philippe Cognée, and Plantu. François Boisrond’s free fig­u­ra­tion is on nod­ding terms with the con­tem­po­rary Marc Des­grand­champs, as is the very cur­rent urban scene of Speed Graphito with Jérôme Mes­nager whilst pass­ing time with Chanoir. Sim­i­larly, one can­not neglect to notice the pres­ence of the last work of Ladis­las Kinjo , who died last Novem­ber. Alain Godon’s work is supremely tech­ni­cally defi­ant giv­ing an unedited three dimen­sional view by way of a process that com­bines 3D vol­u­met­ric tech­niques and super­im­poses unsyn­chro­nised hor­i­zon­tal lay­ers.
The start­ing price of each lot is fixed at €300, which is cus­tom­ary in char­ity event auc­tions. “Bid­ding for the lots will cer­tainly be in line with each artist’s quote, but for the less well known artists, bid­ding will really be led by the heart”, com­ments Arnaud Oliveux, who is in charge of the gavel dur­ing the auction.

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