« Man­hat­tan Jun­gle » or the uni­verse of Alain Godon’s paintings

  • Dated: Novem­ber 2006
  • Media: Nord Eclair

« Man­hat­tan Jun­gle » or the uni­verse of Alain Godon’s paintings

Manhat­tan Jun­gle — you’ll dis­cover New York in a dif­fer­ent way, my way!” This exhi­bi­tion is the cul­mi­na­tion of a stay of sev­eral months in New York.

M[…]anhat­tan Jun­gle is an enter­tain­ing exhi­bi­tion with a motif that is some­what child­like in nature. The eye is drawn straight away to the inten­sity and con­trast of colours and also to the sub­ject mat­ter of the can­vas. “He processes the images he sees with an almost 360° vision” explains Régis Dor­val. The result is mag­nif­i­cent. His paint­ings give the impres­sion that a series of events have been two– dimen­sion­ally com­pressed. “What is most impor­tant for an artist is that he has his own style. He has to be iden­ti­fi­able in the same ways as a singer has a dis­tinc­tive tim­bre to his voice. Alain Godon’s work is always cohe­sive, always retains the same spirit.” […]” He tries to com­mu­ni­cate his own joie de vivre and vision of the world as he would like it to be” adds Régis Dorval.

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