Alain Godon’s Miami exhibit

  • Dated: March 2015
  • Media: Le City Deluxe

Alain Godon’s exhibit

Inter­na­tion­ally renowned French artist Alain Godon show­cased a series of sculp­tures and paint­ings depict­ing cities and sites from around the world.

The story by Boston Ellis

In 2009, Bernard Markow­icz, owner of Markow­icz Fine Art, was vis­it­ing the Fardel Art Gallery in Le Tou­quet, France, where a vibrant paint­ing depict­ing a beau­ti­ful build­ing caught his eye. This was the first time Markow­icz laid eyes on the archi­tec­tural series by French artist, Alain Godon. Markow­icz became fas­ci­nated with the piece and was deter­mined to set up a meet­ing with the artist.
Godon began his archi­tec­tural series in 2006, paint­ing cities includ­ing Paris, New York, and Ams­ter­dam. He uses a unique tech­nique he devel­oped called Buil­doRe­liefo, intro­duced in 2009 at the Pavil­lon des Arts et du Design event in Paris, where he revis­its his oil paint­ings and dig­i­tally adjust the col­ors, shad­ow­ing and light­ing, to form a sense of relief in the image.
Godon and Markow­icz even­tu­ally met, and after hours of con­ver­sa­tion, Markow­icz agreed to rep­re­sent Godon in the United States. This was the begin­ning of a long friend­ship and part­ner­ship that ulti­mately shaped the direc­tion of Godon’s archi­tec­tural series with a new focus on Art Deco archi­tec­ture.
After their ini­tial meet­ing, Markow­icz sug­gested Godon visit Miami; upon arrival, Godon was imme­di­ately cap­ti­vated by the archi­tec­ture of the city, specif­i­cally Miami Beach’s Art Deco dis­trict. Godon’s cre­ative eye imag­ined the build­ings pos­ing for pic­tures, and set off to cap­ture land­mark hotels and sites in his own style, pick­ing up every char­ac­ter­iz­ing detail that embod­ies an archi­tec­tural struc­ture. His work tells a hid­den story uniquely per­sonal, meant for inter­pre­ta­tion by the viewer.
“The moment I arrived in Miami, I was imme­di­ately drawn to the col­or­ful energy of the city and dis­tinct beauty appar­ent in the archi­tec­tural land­scape and cul­ture of its peo­ple,” says Godon.
Four years later, Markow­icz Fine Art cel­e­brates the open­ing of Alain Godon’s Around the World in Eighty Works exhibit in the Miami Design Dis­trict, which show­cases Godon’s work from the last four years. Many of the paint­ings fea­ture iconic Miami Beach scenes while other paint­ings and sculp­tures fea­ture his works from other major cities across the globe.
Due to his new­found suc­cess in Miami, Godon was com­mis­sioned by the City of Miami Beach to design the graphic art for the 2015 Miami Beach City Report with his sig­na­ture art­work depict­ing sev­eral Miami Beach loca­tions and build­ings. The report was pre­sented by South Florida Exec­u­tive Mag­a­zine to Mayor Philip Levine.
In 2017, he will exhibit at the Matisse Museum in Nice, France. The exhibit will be a unique col­lab­o­ra­tion with the museum on an exhibit inspired in Tahiti.

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