Every­one in Le Tou­quet knows Godon…

  • Dated: Sep­tem­ber 2010
  • Media: Ten­dances

Every­one in Le Tou­quet knows Godon…

Or at least his sig­na­ture. Here, as else­where (mostly in the United States), the artist is not acquainted with impar­tial­ity: you either hate him or you love him. As the founder of “Esper­an­tism”, he looks at the world through the eyes of a child, re-​interpreting life with panache and colour.

H His palette sim­ply flies away and his scenes of every­day life send you spin­ning. For sev­eral years, Alain Godon has wanted to give back to Le Tou­quet what Le Tou­quet gave to him (a first exhi­bi­tion in the Palais de l’Europe in 1994, a one-​man exhi­bi­tion in the Dor­val Gallery two years later, at the museum in 2002 and then at the Fardel Gallery, that was to invite him back sev­eral times over the years. In 2001, Léonce Deprez invited him to exhibit at the Assem­blée Nationale, a ret­ro­spec­tive of one hun­dred works in the Town Hall in 2004, the pub­li­ca­tion of the book “Paris-​Plage et Godon” in 2007 and, in the same year, the inau­gu­ra­tion of the Godon Suite at the Bris­tol Hotel). In 2009, with Daniel Fasquelle he went on to cre­ate the Fes­ti­val of Le Tou­quet for aspir­ing artists, giv­ing young artists the oppor­tu­nity to be awarded a prize by a high-​ranking jury; the prize is no less than a New York exhi­bi­tion. Today Godon is work­ing on an exhi­bi­tion which will take place in Miami, with its Art Deco archi­tec­ture, from 23 Feb­ru­ary of next year.

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