Alain Godon at the Pavil­lon des Arts et du Design

  • Dated: April 2009
  • Media: ICI PARIS

Alain Godon

T he Pavil­lon des Arts et du Design took place under a gigan­tic tent installed in the Tui­leries Gar­dens. About a hun­dred exhibitors were selected by the com­mit­tee which con­sisted of thirty pro­fes­sion­als whose exper­tise and stan­dards are a yard­stick of the mea­sure of quality.

Olivier Car­reras, pre­sen­ter and host (and who has been off-​scene for a long time) has dis­cov­ered, or re-​discovered, sev­eral gallery own­ers, to note Yves Gas­tou (whose clients include Madonna, Mick Jag­ger, etc.) Pas­cal Cuisinier, and many oth­ers. The prize for orig­i­nal­ity in this 13th Pavil­l­lon must surely be awarded to the artist Alain Godon. This artist, whose sen­ti­men­tal home is Le Tou­quet Paris-​Plage, loves to observe, lis­ten and relate the tiny inci­dents and more impor­tant moments of our lives. He shows us a mir­ror that reflects our daily lives and the world that sur­rounds us in paint­ings that are both real­is­tic and opti­mistic in tone.

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