The Art and the style…

  • Dated: Octo­ber 2009
  • Media: Les Echos

Emmanuel Milani is the new Rep for Alain Godon

Let it be plainly said– Alain Godon is now on a dif­fer­ent planet. In four years, the artist has moved on from the Euro­pean to the inter­na­tional mar­ket. And the proof, his paint­ings in New York are now sell­ing with five zeros tagged on the end… These days it’s dif­fi­cult to buy what is now known as “a Godon”. How­ever, his wish is pre­cisely that his art remains avail­able to the wider pub­lic. Acces­si­ble art…. not low cost! As a result, Emmanuel Milani, direc­tor of the Bris­tol Hotel and a long stand­ing friend, is now wear­ing his other hat… that of sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive mar­ket­ing acces­si­ble and low cost works by Godon.

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