Three buses bear­ing Alain Godon’s sig­na­ture are on parade around the resort.

  • Dated: July 2010
  • Media: La Voix du Nord

Three buses bear­ing Alain Godon’s sig­na­ture are on parade around the resort

Users of Le Touquet’s free ser­vice – don’t scratch your heads… No, your elec­tric bus shut­tle is not going through a teenage cri­sis. It has quite sim­ply just been cus­tomised. Last Sat­ur­day, the Deputy and Mayor, Daniel Fasquelle, inau­gu­rated the first shut­tle bus com­pletely revamped by the artist Alain Godon. The town hall and the mar­ket square, as depicted by Alain Godon, fea­ture on either side of the vehi­cle. […] “I think artists should help their town stress the impor­tance of cul­ture”, explained Alain Godon. […] The Lon­doner is a sup­porter of the con­cept behind the shut­tle. “It’s free and what’s more it’s green”, he stated.

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