Le Tou­quet: €15,000 in to the bar­gain for the Artist of Tomorrow

  • Dated: March 2009
  • Media: La Voix du Nord

Le Tou­quet: €15,000 in to the bar­gain for the Artist of Tomorrow

Alain Godon, the artist who has recently exhib­ited in New York, has in con­junc­tion with the town of Le Tou­quet set up the first fes­ti­val of the Grand Prix for the Artists of Tomor­row to take place at the begin­ning of July; a major instal­la­tion that could see a few hun­dred artists exhibit­ing their works all over the resort.

The incen­tive: €15,000 in prize money and an exhibit in a New York gallery. “When I started out in my career, I found myself in Le Tou­quet (in 1994) with­out prac­ti­cally a penny to my name. Le Touquet’s art gal­leries were too expen­sive for me. So I rented a sec­tion of the Palais de l’Europe say­ing I had the money but would pay after the exhi­bi­tion. This wasn’t true at all! Luck­ily I was able to sell my paint­ings. It could have been a dif­fer­ent story”, explains Alain Godon, who after­wards was able to exhibit on a more offi­cial basis in the resort, and which con­se­quently pushed him to higher lev­els in his career.

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